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iStand nights

iSTAND Nights is a Catholic youth group that meets on Friday nights at St Columbkille's parish in Corrimal. A great place to meet other young people, relax, play games and have fun, but also to learn about God and what it means to be a Christian. You also get to meet the Youth Mission Team.
iStand is a call to be a generation of young people united and transformed by the love & mercy of Christ - a generation made up of young people from all over Australia, united in a common vision to not just respond to the Gospel message but to be the Gospel message in our schools, in our families, in our footy clubs, in our neighborhoods, & wherever we live. For all of us that share a connection with YMT, we believe God is inviting us to be… the iStand Generation.

The iStand Generation captures in a name what has God has been forming over the last 25 years of YMT history. YMT has ministered to more than a quarter of a million students in Australian schools. From that initial encounter, many, many young people have chosen to connect with the Team beyond the school experience and have become involved in events such as Anchor’s, ARC days, Summer Schools, Elevate & 24:7. This bond we’ve all had in the Spirit has been incredibly special. But you might have thought that it’s mostly about the Team inspiring you – yet around the country, year after year, the Team are totally conscious that you inspire them just as much!

We believe God is inviting each of us to consider taking a stand together for Him in a new way! 

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