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Diocesan Pastoral Council

The Diocesan Pastoral Council of the Diocese of Wollongong is a vital aspect of communion with the Church. Considering the pastoral questions of our day and making appropriate recommendations to the Bishop, the members of the Diocesan Pastoral Council are imbued with a pastoral spirit to aid the Bishop with the pastoral governance of the Church.

The Code of Canon Law states:
In each diocese, in so far as pastoral circumstances suggest, a pastoral council is to be established. Its function, under the authority of the Bishop, is to study and weigh those matters which concern the pastoral works in the diocese, and to propose practical conclusions concerning them. [Canon #511]

A pastoral council is composed of members of Christ’s faithful who are in full communion with the Catholic Church: clerics, members of institutes of consecrated life, and especially lay people. They are designated in the manner determined by the diocesan bishop. [Can. #512 §1]

The Diocesan Pastoral Council acts as a significant form of collaborative dialogue and discernment in service of the pastoral needs of the Diocese.

The Diocesan Pastoral Council shall:

  1. Study matters that concern the pastoral activities of the Diocese, particularly with concern to parishes, and make recommendations to the Bishop.
  2. Collaborate with other Bodies in the implementation of the strategic pastoral goals of the Diocese.
  3. Collaborate with other Bodies in an annual review of the strategic pastoral goals of the Diocese and recommend any necessary revisions to the Bishop.

Members of the Diocesan Pastoral Council:

  • Mr James Arblaster
  • Br Jeff Barrington FMS
  • Mr Peter Brennan
  • Mrs Netty Broekman
  • Fr David Catterall PP
  • Fr Duane Fernandez
  • Mrs Leonie Flynn
  • Fr Emmanuel Gatt OFM Conv PP
  • Mr Noel Levett
  • Mr Darren McDowell
  • Mr Richard McMahon
  • Mrs Sue Meehan
  • Deacon Peter Presdee
  • Mrs Anne Simington
  • Ms Lorraine St John

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  • Tel: 02 4222 2400
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