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Parish Priest

A parish priest (or pastor) is responsible for one or more parishes.

Fr Ken Cafe OFM

Assistant Priest
Episcopal Vicar for Canonical Services

Fr Peter Caruana

Parish Priest

Fr George Condookala

Chaplain to Wollongong Hospital and Wollongong Private Hospital

Fr Sean Cullen

Parish Priest

Fr Pat Faherty

Parish Priest
Vicar General

Fr Richard Healey

Parish Priest
Vocations Director; Chaplain to Youth Ministry

Fr Michael Healy

Parish Priest
Dean of Hume

Fr John Ho

Parish Priest

Fr Bryan Jones

Parish Priest
Vicar General

Fr Chris Roberts

Parish Priest
Dean of Flinders and Chaplain to Cursillo

Fr Patrick Vaughan

Parish Priest
Chaplain to Catholic Women's League

Fr Michael Williams

Parish Priest
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