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Public Hearing Communication Updates

During the Public Hearing, you will be able to get the following communications updates:

Live Streaming

The public hearing will be streamed lived at the Royal Commission website www.childabuseroyalcommission.gov.au

Public Hearing updates

During the public hearing the Truth, Justice and Healing Council (TJHC) will be publishing:

  • Witness List and Order
  • Opening Statements and witness statements
  • Transcripts
  • Hearing room updates

These updates will be available at www.tjhcouncil.org.au/royal-commission/about-the-royal-commission.aspx 

 TJHC CEO, Francis Sullivan's Blog

You can read the TJHC CEO, Francis Sullivan's blog from Francis Sullivan in the week before and for the duration of the public hearing at www.tjhcouncil.org.au/media/tjhc-blog.aspx

TJHC Weekly Newsletter

You can read the TJHC Weekly Newsletter providing information on the hearing and other related materials at www.tjhcouncil.org.au/media/newsletter-archive.aspx

TJHC Media Coverage

The Australian news media is covering the Royal Commission extensively. The TJHC provides links to news items cover systemic issues arising from the work of the Royal Commission and the Church's response. These can be accessed at www.tjhcouncil.org.au/media/media-coverage.aspx

TJHC Media Releases

You can access the TJHC media releases at www.tjhcouncil.org.au/media/media-releases.aspx

TJHC Video Gallery

You can access the TJHC video gallery at www.tjhcouncil.org.au/media/video-gallery.aspx

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